Annie Martínez
 is a resident of the La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood in Denver’s Westside. She is an attorney, representing children, families and indigent defendants as an advocate in Arapahoe and Denver county courts. Annie received her Juris Doctor from the St. Thomas University School of Law (Miami).

She is a community advocate and believes that attorneys should work as social engineers- and that working as a public servant is one of the most effective ways to do that.

In addition to her practice, she is President-Elect of the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association, which promotes access to justice for the Latino and other disenfranchised communities. She is a part of Denver’s Eviction Legal Defense Task Force, providing resources for those facing evictions. She also takes Immigration cases Pro-Bono.

Annie believes that a safe Denver is one where shared prosperity is the norm. Annie will fight for low-income housing, sensible policing policy and the repeal of the urban camping ban.

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My Audacious Goal: A Public Bank

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